科技展示创想家 /Creator of science exhibition

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Warm / Ultimate
Innovation / Efficient

温暖 / 极致 / 创新 / 高效

企业资质 / Qualification
  • 国家高新技术企业

    National high-tech enterprise

  • 国家一级广告企业

    National Level-Ⅰ advertising enterprise

  • 中国展览馆协会会员单位

    Member of China Advertising Association

  • 深圳市广告协会理事单位

    Council member of Shenzhen Advertising Association

  • 中国多媒体工程系统集成一级认证

    Level-Ⅰ certification for China’s multimedia engineering system integration

  • 建筑装饰工程设计专项乙级资质

    Special class B qualification for architectural decoration engineering design

  • 中国展览馆协会 / 展览陈列工程设计与施工一体化资质

    Qualification of China Exhibition Association / integration of exhibition engineering design and construction<

  • 深圳市数字创意与多媒体行业协会副会长单位

    Vice president unit of Shenzhen Digital Creativity and Multimedia Industry Association

  • 中国展览馆协会 / 展览工程企业资质

    Qualification of China Exhibition Association / Exhibition Engineering Enterpris

  • 建筑装修装饰工程专业承包贰级资质

    Grade II qualification for professional contracting of Building Decoration Engineering

  • 深圳市科技创新委技术专项扶持企业

    Enterprise with special technical support from Shenzhen Science & Technology Innovation Commission

  • 深圳市文化产业重点扶持领军企业

    Leading enterprise with major support in the cultural industry in Shenzhen

  • 深圳市福田区文化创意产业领军企业

    Leading enterprise of the cultural creative industry in Futian District, Shenzhen

  • 电信年度优秀合作伙伴

    Excellent partner of the year with Telecom

  • 深圳市技师工作站

    Technician workstation in Shenzhen

  • 公司实力 / Company strength
  • 拥有数十项专利及软件著作权

    With more than ten patents and software copyright

  • 中国公益广告黄河奖

    China Public Advertising Huanghe Awards

  • 深圳市双创金狮奖

    Shenzhen Gold Lion Award for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • 深圳创意设计七彩奖

    Shenzhen 7-Color Award for Creative Design

  • 深圳市2015-2016年度最具成长性广告企业

    Advertising enterprise with the greatest growth opportunity in Shenzhen in 2015-2016

  • 深圳市广告协会颁发2014-2017年度最佳案例奖

    Best Case Award of Year 2014-2017 issued by Shenzhen Advertising Association

  • 深圳市广告协会颁发2014-2017年诚信经营单位

    Good Faith Business Unit of Year 2014-2017 issued by Shenzhen Advertising Association

  • 2015年创建行业首个交互展厅及研发实验室

    Established the first interactive exhibition hall and R&D laboratory in the industry in 2015

  • 2017年成立校企合作互动多媒体研发中心

    Set up the school-enterprise cooperative and interactive multimedia R&D center in 2017

  • 服务客户 / Customer service

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